MSBI Training makes your expert in creating real world integration, Analytical and Reporting applications with MSBI. Microsoft BI tools cover a wide range of functionalities and they hold up to the competition very well.

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MSBI: MicroSoft Business Intelligence Course Outline
(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

1)  SSIS

·         Introduction to SSIS
·         Control Flow, Data Flow and Containers
·         Transformations -- Includes All Transformations inside Dataflow
·         Slowly Changing Dimensions(SCD)
·         Tasks used inside Control Flow
·         Check Points
·         Logging
·         Configurations

Ø  Jobs & Scheduling Packages 
·          Deploying SSIS packages
·          Performance Tuning of SSIS packages & Optimizations Techniques
·          Different Kinds of Data Loadings (Incremental Loading)
·          Protection Levels in SSIS
·          Precedence constraints


·          Introduction to SSRS
·          Core Components - Data Tab, Layout Tab & Preview Tabs
·          Designing Reports - Header, Footer, Details, Query Designer
·          Creating parameters in reports, Types of parameters, Cascading Parameter
·          Drilldown Reports
·          Matrix Reports
·          Image, Rectangular, Chart and List Reports
·           Sub report

Ø  Report Deployment and Security

·          Drill through Reports
·          Report Caching
·          Subscriptions
·          Adhoc Reports
·          N) Linked Report
·          o) Report Manager and Report Server
·          p) Report Snapshot
·          q) Gauge, Data Bars, Spark Lines, Indicators


·          Introduction to Data Ware Housing, SSAS, DataMart’s
·          Dimension and Fact tables
·          Types of Dimensions
·          Schema - Star & Snowflake
·          Cube-Advantages, Creation, Processing
·          Options inside Data Source View - Named Query, Add/Remove tables, New Relationship
·          Levels, Members, Hierarchy
·          Measures - Additive, Semi Additive, Non Additive
·          Fact less Fact tables
·          Storage Modes
·          Cube Securities
·          Partitions, Calculations, Perspectives
·           Create Reports in ssrs using cube

Ø  How to browse cube from Excel