Openshift Realtime Online Training, Support By IT Professionals

OpenShift Training offers the students with core knowledge and skills through hands-on experience in OpenShift Container Platform. Through this course, you will be introduced to Kubernetes, Containers and Red Hat OpenShift for creating and organizing Docker containers for employing on a cluster of Kubernetes. This course is completely based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.5.  

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OpenShift Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided

(the course outline can be modified as per your requirements):

  • Course introduction

  • Get started with container technology

  • Create containerized services

  • Manage containers

  • Manage container images

  • Create custom container images

  • Deploy containerized applications on Red Hat Openshift

  • Deploy multi-container applications

  • Troubleshoot containerized applications

  • Comprehensive review of Introduction to container, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift