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Oracle Apex Training makes you an expert in building web based applications using SQL and PL/SQL. you will learn Building web applications, Enhance pages created by Application Express wizards, Understading the security implications of page design...etc. 

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Oracle Apex Course Content
(we can customize the course agenda as per your requirements)

Oracle Apex Course Content

  1. Introduction to Oracle Application Express
  2. Apex Demo Application
  3. Apex Application Builder Concepts
  4. Using SQL in Apex
  5. Building an Application in Oracle Apex
  6. Pages and Regions in Apex
  7. Creating Interactive Reports In Apex
  8. Creating SQL Reports in Apex
  9. Creating Forms In Apex
  10. Items and Buttons in Oracle Apex
  11. Shared Components in Oracle Apex
  12. Page Processing in Apex
  13. Themes and Templates in Apex
  14. Oracle Apex Security
  15. Packaging and Deploying Application
  16. Assignments and Interview Questions