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Oracle Financials Training makes you Learn how to maintain Inventory Periods using Oracle Financials, Copy Attributes from Item, Fixed Assets, Run the Replicate Seed Data Program, RFQ’s and Auto Create RFQ’s, Multi Org Structure, Sub ledger Accounting Method., etc. You will also get an exposure to industry based Real-time projects in various verticals.     

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Oracle Financials Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided

(the course outline can be modified as per your requirements):

General Ledger

Key Flex Fields
Descriptive Flex field
Design Char of Accounts
Segments, Value Sets, Currency, Calendar and Ledger
Open/Close Periods, Journal Source, Journal Category
Journals, Journal Batch, Reverse Journals and Suspense Journals
Recurring Journals, Auto Posting, Auto Reversal
Mass Allocation, Statistical Journal and Inter Company Journals
Sequential Numbering, Journal Approval Process and Tax Journals
Budgets, Rollup Groups, Summary Templates and Translation
Revaluation, Reporting Currency and Secondary Ledger
Consolidation, Financial Statement Generator
Cross Validation Rules and Security Rules
Account Alias, Data Access Set and Definition Access Set
Code Combinations

Multi Org Structure


Overview of the Procure to Pay Process
Financial Options, Purchasing Options, Buyers, Approval Assignments
Approval Groups, Document Types, Requisitions
RFQ’s and Auto Create RFQ’s
Quotations and Auto Create Quotations
Quote Analysis and Auto Create Quotation Analysis
Purchase Orders and Auto Create Purchase Order, Receiving
Inspection, Delivery, Returns to Supplier
Matching Options & Receipt Routing Methods


Flex Fields, Receiving Options, Setup Item Category Values
Setup System Item Values, Define Item Category Codes
Define Master Item, Assign Item to Organization
Maintain Inventory Periods, Copy Attributes from Item
Define Hazard Classes, Define UN Numbers
View Item On-hand Quantity, Miscellaneous Issues in Inventory
Miscellaneous Receipt in Inventory

Accounts Payables

Financial Options, Payable Options, Payable System setups
Accounting Periods, Run the Validate Application Accounting Definitions Program
Payment Terms, Distribution Sets, Special Calendars
Payment Format, Banks Creation, Bank Branches Creation
Bank Account Creation, Supplier, Supplier Merge, Supplier Bank Creation
Standard Invoice, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Prepayment Invoice
Interest Invoice, Recurring Invoice, Retainage Invoice
Withholding Tax Invoice, Quick Match, PO Match, Payment
Payment Batch, Invoice Batch, Pay group, Auto Create Invoice
Invoice created against PO, Invoice Created against Receipt
Third Party Payments, Employee Expense Reports
Manual Holds, System Holds, AP/AR Netting
MOAC (Multi Organization Access Control)

Accounts Receivables

Key Flex Fields, Sales Location, Territory and System Options
Run the Validate Application Accounting Definitions Program
Payment Terms, Statement Cycle, Dunning Letters
Remittance-to-Address, Application Rule Set
MOAC Setup's for AR, Auto Cash Rule Set and Collector
Customer profile Class, Customers and Customer Bank Creation
Memo Lines, Transaction Types and Transaction Sources
Auto Accounting, Transactions/Sales Invoice and Debit Memo Invoice
Credit Memo Invoice, Deposit Invoice and Guarantee Invoice
Charge Bank Invoice, Transactions Batch and Accounting Rules
Invoice Rules, Receivables Activities and Receipt Class
Receipt Source, Receipts and Miscellaneous Receipts
Receipt Reversal and Remittance Receipts
Receipt Write Off and Adjustments
Balance Forward Billing Cycle and AP/AR Netting

Fixed Assets

Flex Fields, Asset Category and Asset Location
Asset Key, System Controls and Values, Financial Year Calendar
Depreciation Calendar and Prorate Convention Calendar
Depreciation Methods and Flat, Calculated and Table
Production, Formula, Book Controls and Asset Categories
Asset Additions and CIP Asset Addition Process
Depreciation and Inquiry Financial Information
Asset Books, Corporate Book and Tax Book
Asset Transfer, Single and Mass Transfer
Changes, Revaluation, Single and Mass Revaluation
Reclassification, Single and Mass Reclassification
Retirement, Single and Mass Retirement
Reinstatement, Single and Mass Reinstatement
Mass Additions and Create Accounting

Cash Management

System Parameters
Bank Statements
Un Reconciliation
Bank Transfers
Bank Charges

System Administrator

User Creation
Profile Options
Menu Creation
Request Set Creation
Run the Replicate Seed Data Program

Human Resources

Organization Jobs
Employees Creation
Setup Security Profile
Run the Security List maintenance Program

E-Business Tax

Tax Regimes
Tax Status
Tax Jurisdictions
Tax Recovery Rates
Tax Rates
Tax Rules
Party Tax Profile

Sub Ledger Accounting

Journal Line Type
Account Derivation Rule
Journal Line Definition
Application Accounting Definition
Sub ledger Accounting Method

User Management