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Oracle PL SQL Training: Learn building the applications by leveraging capabilities of Transaction Control Language, Database Security, Error Handling, Oracle Supplied Packages and etc. You will also learn Collection Datatypes and how to Use Declarative Constraints and Non-Character Function. This Course also includes Creating Subqueries, Aggregating Data Using Group Functions, Working With Character Functions. You will get Hands-On exposure to Oracle PL SQL.

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Oracle PL SQL Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided

(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

Introduction to PL/SQL

Advantages of PL/SQL
PL/SQL architecture
Datatypes in PL/SQL
PL/SQL program structure
Simple PL/SQL programs
Embedding SQL statements in PL/SQL
Conditional statements

Cursors :

About cursors in PL/SQL
Explicit cursors
For loop cursor
Cursor paramenters
For update clause
Where current of clause
Ref cursors
Implicit cursors
Exception Handling :
System defined exceptions
User defined exceptions
Sqlcode & sqlerrm
Pragma exception_init

Subprograms :
Introduction to subprograms
Difference between anonymous & named blocks
Stored procedures :-
Creatng procedures
Working with IN , OUT ,INOUT parameters
Procedures with cursors
Procedures returning records
Pragma autotnomous transaction
Functions :
Difference b/w procedures and functions
Inline functions

Packages :

Introduction to packages
Package specification and package body
Overloading package members

Triggers :
Introduction to triggers
DML triggers
DDL triggers
Db auditing using triggers
DB level triggers
Collections in PL/SQL
Built-in packages in PL/SQL
Oracle 10g features
Oracle 11g features

DBA concepts