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SAP FICO Training makes you an expert in Finance and Controlling, which is a complete financial management solution that helps to integrate the accounting side of a business.

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SAP FICO Course  Content 
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2.      ·              Organization Structure            Company  - one            Company Codes - many            Business area , Profit Centers  - many

3.      ·              Financial Accounting Global Settings            Fiscal year Variant - 2017 july            Field Status Variant            Tolerance Groups            Document types            Number Ranges

4.      ·          

5.      ·              Introduction to New GL Accounting (New)            Document Splitting            Foreign Currencies            Interest Calculation            GR/IR Account Maintenance

6.      ·          

7.      ·              Business Process (Easy Access Screen)            Creation of General Ledger master            Ledger Level Postings            Document postings            Document Changes            Parking            Reversals            Account balance verification

8.      ·          

9.      ·              Reference Documents            Sample  Documents            Reference Documents

10.  ·          Financial Statement Versions        Exchange Rate Types        Exchange Rate Differences

11.  Foreign Currency Valuation

12.  ·          

13.  ·         ACCOUNTS PAYABLE-   purchase requisition from vendor to payment to vendor

14.  ·          Accounts Groups        Master data        Outgoing Payment        Manual Payments        Automatic Payment Program        Payment Methods        Spl GL transactions        Advances or Down Payments        Down Payment Request    Notes items    Payment Terms    Cash discounts    Business Process (Easy Access)    Creation of Vendor Master records    Purchase cycle    Invoice Postings    Advance payments    Payments

15.  ·          Integration Materials Management        Setting for MM        Automatic Account Determinations        Create Vendor master with MM View        Create Raw Material Masters        Purchase Order creation        Goods Receipts        Invoice Receipts

16.  ·          ACCOUNT RECIEVABLE  - billing to customer to getting payment from customer

17.  ·          Accounts Groups        Master data        Incoming  Payment        Manual Receipts        Cheque Deposits        Spl GL transactions        Advances or Down Payments        Notes items        Payment Terms    Cash discounts    Dunning Process    Correspondence

18.  ·          Business Process (Easy Access)        Creation of customer Master records        Purchase cycle        Invoice Postings        Advance payments        Payments        Forex receivable valuation

19.  ·          Integration Sales and Distribution        Setting for SD        Automatic Account Determinations        Create Customer Masters with SD View        Create Finished Good material master        Sales  Order creation        Goods Issues        Invoice Issues

20.  ·          ASSET ACCOUNTING

21.  ·          Organization structure        Chart of Deprecation        Depreciation Areas        Number Ranges        Asset Classes        Integration with General Ledger        Account Determinations        Depreciation keys        Asset Under Construction from internal orders    Legacy Asset Data Transfer    Asset History Sheets    Business Process (Easy Access)    Creation of Asset Masters    Acquisition of Assets    Sales of Assets    Transfer of Assets    Scrapping of Assets    Depreciation postings

22.  ·          BANK ACCOUNTING        House Banks        House Banks        Banks Id’s        Check lots        Cheque Deposits        Manual bank reconciliation        Cash Journal

23.  ·          CO - CONTROLLING


25.  ·          Organization structure in Controlling        Controlling Area        Version Maintenance

26.  Number Ranges


28.  ·          Master data  Creation        Primary  Cost Elements        Secondary Cost Elements        Manual creation        Automatic Creation        Cost Element Categories


30.  ·          Master data – Cost Centers        Activity Types        Statistical Key figure        Cost Center Categories        Cost Center Planning        Activity Planning        Cost Planning        SKF Planning        Excel bases cost Planning    Splitting Structure    Plan Assessment    Plan Distribution    Activity Price Calculation    Actual  Postings    Period End actual splitting    Actual Assessment    Actual Distribution    Actual activity price calculation

31.  ·          


33.  ·          Internal Order Types        Statistical        Real        Number Ranges

34.  ·          Master data – Internal Order

35.  ·          Internal Order Planning        Planning Profile        Internal Order plan

36.  ·          Budget & Availability Control        Budget Profile        Activate Availability controls        Maintain Budgets        Supplement Budgets        Return Budgets        Post Actual values

37.  ·          Period End closing activities        Settlement Profile        Allocation Structure        Settlement Number Ranges        Maintain Settlement Rules        Settlement        product costing