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AMX Grid is a scalable and extensible platform for developing, deploying, and managing applications that conform to a service-oriented architecture.

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Tibco Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided

(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):


o   What is SOA?
o   What is a Service?
o   About Services in SOA
o   Integration Patterns
o   What is ESB?
o   EAI Introduction
o   EAI vs. SOA Differences
o   Summary


o   What is Tibco?
o   Why we need Integration?
o   Key Approaches
o   Key Components of Tibco BW
o   Installation of Tibco

o   Create File
o   Read File
o   List File
o   Write File
o   Remove File
o   Rename File
o   File Poller

o   Parse Data
o   Render Data
o   Data Format

o   JDBC Query
o   JDBC Update
o   SQL Direct
o   JDBC Call Procedure
o   JDBC Query vs. SQL Direct
o   Real-Time Project Explanation Using JDBC Palette

JMS Introduction
o   What is JMS
o   JMS Message Models
o   Destination Types
o   Queues vs. Topics
o   Creation of Topics and Queues
o   Temporary, Dynamic and Static Destinations
o   Durable/Non-durable
o   Persistence/Non-Persistence
o   Bridges vs. Routes
o   Delivery Modes
o   Acknowledgment Modes
o   Fault Tolerance vs. Load Balancing

o   JMS Queue Sender
o   JMS Queue Receiver
o   JMS Topic Subscriber
o   JMS Topic Publisher
o   JMS Connection
o   JMS Application Properties(When to use in Real-Time)
o   Real-Time Project Explanation using JMS Palette

o   Introduction
o   Iterate
o   Repeat Until True
o   Repeat On Error Until True
o   Transactional(Real-Time Example-when to go for this)
o   Success
o   Success With Condition
o   Success With No Matching Condition
o   Error Condition
o   Real-Time Project

o   Call process
o   Process Dynamic Override Concepts(Using Real-Time Project)
o   Shared variables vs. Job shared variables
o   Get Shared Variable(Using Real-Time Database Setup)
o   Set Shared Variable(Using Real-Time Database )
o   Mapper vs. Assign
o   Types and Usage of Variables
o   Process variables vs Shared variables
o   Checkpoint vs. Confirm
o   Error Handling Activities-Generate Error, Catch, Rethrow

o   HTTP Receiver
o   Send HTTP Response
o   Send HTTP Request
o   Wait for HTTP Request

Java Palette
o   Creating Alias Library
o   Import & Export File Aliases
o   JAVA Code
o   Java Method
o   JAVA to XML
o   XML to JAVA
o   How to import JAR Files and Design-Time Libraries
o   JAVA Installation

XML Introduction
o   What is XML
o   XSD vs. DTD
o   Well Formed XML vs. Valid XML
o   Parse XML
o   Render XML
o   Transform XML

o   What is Web Service?
o   Why we need Web Service?
o   How Web Services Communicate?
o   Platform Elements in Web Service
o   SOAP Structure

WSDL Palette
o   WSDL Structure
o   Abstract WSDL vs Concrete WSDL

o   SOAP Event Source
o   SOAP Send Request
o   SOAP Send Fault
o   SOAP Request Reply
o   Retrieve Resources

o   Service
o   SOAP Palette vs. Service Palette
o   Context Resource
o   Get Context
o   Set Context
o   Generate Web Service Wizard

Tibco Administrator
o   Tibco Administrator Introduction
o   Building EAR
o   Deploying EAR in Tibco Administrator
o   Create of domain, add Machine in domain, creating user and roles
o   Creating & Monitoring Applications
o   Configuring Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing
o   Add EMS Server & Secondary server to a domain

Business Connect (Optional)
o   What is Business Connect
o   Private process vs. Public process
o   Smart Routing
o   BC Server Configuration
o   Receive Request Notification

ADB Adapter(Optional)
o   What is ADB Adapter
o   Publication service
o   Subscription service
o   Adapter subscriber
o   Publish to Adapter

Other Topics(not used much in Real –time)
o   FTP Palette
o   External Command
o   Inspector
o   Write to Log
o   Label
o   Engine
o   On Startup
o   On Shutdown

Real Time Scenarios &Issues
o   Real-Time Project Explanation and Database
o   Real –Time Production Issues faced in various Projects(from my experience)
o   Exception Logging Real-Time Project using ADB Adapter(including the DB)

Real-Time Keywords(Only for New People)
o   Various environments in IT sector(Development, QA,Staging and Production) &IT Roles
o   Creating WA, Change Orders, TSR
o   SOAP UI Introduction for Implementing Web services
o   Types of Testing-SITB testing,UAT ,Smoke and Sanity Testing
o   How to perform Unit testing by writing Test cases
o   Escalating Issues to Support