Weblogic Server Administration Online Training By Hands-On Professionals

WebLogic 12c Training makes you to Learn administering Weblogic Server administrative tasks, configure, upgrade, administer the security of Weblogic Server applications along with the components running inside it. You will also get an exposure to industry based Real-time projects in various domains.

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Weblogic Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews, Assignments Will be provided.

Weblogic Course Syllabus / Curriculum
(we can customize the course Curriculum as per your requirements)



  • 1.     Overview
    Distributed Architecture
                J2EE Technologies
                Web & WLS Terms

    2.     Setting up a Weblogic Server Environment
    a.      Weblogic Server Architecture
    b.     Installing & Running Weblogic Server

    3.     Configure a Weblogic Server Environment
    a.      Configuring Domains
    b.     Configuring Servers
    c.      Domain Templates
    d.     Console Administration
    e.      Command Line Administration

    4.     Managing and Monitoring a Weblogic Server Environment
    a.      Remote Administration
    b.     Logs and Monitoring
    c.      SNMP Concepts
    d.     WLS SNMP Agent
    e.      WLS SNMP Management Tools
    f.       Network Channels

    5.     Understanding JNDI
    a.      Introduction to JNDI
    b.     Startup and Shutdown Classes

    6.     Deploying Applications
    a.      Web Servers
    b.     Web Applications
    c.      EJB Applications
    d.     Enterprise Applications
    e.      Deployment
    f.       Advanced Deployment

    7.     Setting up JDBC
    a.      Overview of JDBC
    b.     Data Sources

    8.     Setting up JMS
    a.      Weblogic Server JMS Administration
    b.     Configuring Persistent Messaging
    c.      Monitoring JMS in WLS

    9.     Managing Transactions
    a.      Configuring and Monitoring Transactions

    10.                       Securing Weblogic Server Resources and Applications
    a.      WLS Security Architecture Overview
    b.     Users and Groups
    c.      Protecting Application Resources
    d.     Protecting Communications
    e.      Protecting Against Attacks

    11.                       Introduction to Clustering
    a.      Cluster Architecture
    b.     Networks and Clusters
    c.      Cluster Communication

    12.                       Configuring a Cluster
    a.      Preparing for a Cluster
    b.     Configuring a Cluster
    c.      Configuring a Proxy Server

    13.                       Managing Clusters
    a.      Deploying Applications to Clusters
    b.     Session Management
    c.      Troubleshooting a Cluster

    14.                       Clustering EJB Objects
    a.      EJB Clustering Capabilities
    b.     Clustering Session EJBs
    c.      Clustering Entity EJBs

    15.                       Clustering Services
    a.      Clustering Services         
    b.     JNDI
    c.      JDBC
    d.     Transactions
    e.      JMS