Apache Tomcat Online Training from India

Apex’s Apache tomcat training makes you learn Implement Tomcat as a JSP container within your organization, Migrate from another JSP container (such as Resin) to Tomcat,Deploy and manage web applications,Monitor web access through web logs,Implement a simple security policy,Configure Tomcat for a clustered environment.

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Apache Tomcat Course Content

(we can customize the course agenda as per your requirements)


· Introduction to Tomcat

o What is Tomcat

o Understanding where Tomcat fits into Java EE

o Common Tomcat resources

· Setting up Tomcat

o Choosing a version

o Download and installing Tomcat

o Configuring your environment

· Creating and Deploying a web App

o Overview of a web application

o Creating a web application

o Deploying a web applications

o Creating a permanent deployment

o Working with Tomcat Deployer

o Configuring automatic deployment

· Tomcat Security

o Overview of Supported security

o Types of security mechanisms

o Realms

o Security Manager

· Configuring Shared Resources

o Motivations for Shared Resources

o JNDI Resources

o Data Sources

o Class paths and class loading

· Configuring Extensions

o Understanding the configuration files





o Default Servlet

· Creating High Availability

o Overview of H/A

o Understanding what H/A Tomcat supports

o Creating a Tomcat Cluster

o Creating a Load Balanced solution

· Management and Monitoring

o Overview of Management

o Overview of Monitoring

o Introduction to JMX

o JMX Support

o Introduction to Logging

o Logging Support

· Configuring Tomcat and Apache HTTPD

o Overview of HTTPD

o Understanding the relationship between Tomcat and HTTPD

o Configuring HTTPD and Tomcat

· Performance Tuning Tomcat