The blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger technology that got popularized by Bitcoin cryptocurrency platform. Blockchain Technology can radically improve supply chain and other transaction networks.

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Blockchain Agenda/Syllabus

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Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts:

· Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

· Alt coins

· Regulation of Cryptocurrencies

· Primitives and Protocols

Fundamentals of Blockchain:

· Basics of Dynamic Shared Ledger

· Set up your own Blockchain

· Building a Blockchain Solution

· Ways of storing Bitcoin Keys

· Trade and transact with Bitcoins

· Global Blockchain Ecosystem

Core Layers of a BlockChain:

· Data Layer

· Network Layer

· Consensus Layer

Mechanics of Bitcoin:

· Transcriptions

· Scripts

· Blocks

· Peer-to-peer network

· Security Measures

Types and Components of Block Chain:

Bitcoin Mining:

· Concept of Miners

· Operation of Miners

· Business Model of Miners

· Impact of Miners on Environment

Nuts and Blots of Block Chain Technology:

Block Chain Use-cases:

· Community

· Politics within Bitcoin

· Law enforcements and regulation issues

BlockChain Vs Private Block Chain:

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