Drupal (pronounced drew-pull) is web development software written in a popular scripting language - PHP. Drupal has both a point and click interface to allow tech-savvy people to put together websites with no programming experience; and Drupal also has an API and framework for programmers to develop unique applications. And it's all free- it's opensource.

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(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

Drupal 7 Basics:

· How Drupal began

· What is Drupal 7

· What Technology Does Drupal Use?

· What is Drupal

· Drupal terminology

· Drupal Workflow

Getting started:

· Installing Drupal 7

· The Admin Interface

Out of the Box Modules:

· Core Required

· Core Optional-enabled

· Core Optional-disabled

User Contributed Modules:

· What They Are

· Where They Are

· What They Do

· Downloading and Enabling

· Popular Modules

· Module selection and evaluation

Layouts in Drupal:

· Blocks and Regions

· Default Blocks

· Custom Blocks

· Configuring Blocks

File System:

· Download Methods

· File Module

· Image Module

· Storing user uploaded materials

Custom Content Types with the Fields Module:

· The PAGE and the ARTICLE

· Input Filters

· Creating Custom Content-Types

· Field Permissions

· Adding Custom Fields to Content-Types

· Using the Manage Display Settings

Working with Taxonomy:

· What is taxonomy?

· Vocabularies

· Terms

· View Content by Term

· Storing Taxonomies

· Module-Based Vocabularies

· Common Functions

VIEWS: Advanced Displays With Contributed Module:

· Overview of VIEWS

· VIEW Types

· Displays

· Creating a VIEW With the VIEWS User Interface

The Form API:

· Form Processing

· Validation

· Form Submission

· Redirection

· Creating Basic Forms

· Enabling the Custom Form Module

· Accessing the Custom Form

· Form API Properties


· What is XML-RPC?

· XML-RPC Clients

· A Simple XML-RPC Server

· REST (with the Services Module)


· Architecture of the Theme System

· Creating a Theme

· Responsive Design with Adaptive Themes

· Theming with CSS

· Theming with a custom stylesheet

· Overriding Theme Behavior with PHP

Creating Interactive Forms with the Webforms module:

Creating Rules with the Rules module

Drupal’s Database Abstraction Layer:

· Functions and Methods

· Drupal Database Connections

· Selecting records with DB_QUERY

· Custom Database Connections with PDO

· Advanced Concepts


· What is DRUSH

· Installation and Configuration

· Getting Started

· Useful Commands

· Database Updates

· Backup Site and Databases

· Summary of Commands

· Site Aliases

· Scripting with DRUSH