FullStack Developer Online Training By Certified Experts

Full Stack Course breaks down the fundamentals of each technology that you would require to become a Full Stack Developer. The entire course is broken down into five separate segments: Frontend, Backend, Database, Other Essential Technologies and Debugging/Version Control. Each section includes multiple technologies to help you gain more experience as a developer.the course also focuses on practical applications by covering multiple projects in great detail.

Different technologies and frameworks that you will learn:

    • Frontend – HTML, HMTL5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery
    • Backend – Node.js, Meteor.js, Angular 2, PHP, Ruby on Rails
    • Database – MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Apache Cassandra
    • Other Essential Technologies – Memcached, Redis, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr
    • Debugging/Version Control – GIT, Subversion, Task Runners (Grunt, Gulp), Debuggers (Xdebug, Firedebug)

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(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

Course Introduction:

Basic HTML Programming:

HTML5 Programming:

Styling with CSS3:

Twitter Bootstrap Programming:

Basic JavaScript Concepts:

Jquery Programming Techniques:

Backend Programming with Node.Js:

App Development with Meteor.js:

Programming with React.js:

Programming with Riot.js:

App Development with Angular:

Backend Programming with PHP:

Backend Programming with Ruby On Rails:

Database Design using MySQL:

Database Design using PostgreSQL:

MongoDB – Learning NoSQL Database Design:

Learning Couchdb:

Redis – The Cache Database:

Learning Caching using Memcached:

Markdown – The formatting markup language:

Sass – The CSS Preprocessor:

Git & Version Control:

Task Runners – Grunt & Gulp:

Chrome Developer Tools:

PHP Errors, Debugging & Config:

Course Summary: