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Hyperion all modules Interview queries and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews, Assignments are going to be given.

Hyperion Course Content

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Hyperion Planning:

· Planning overview

· Creating Dimentions

· Metadata

· Loading data and calculating database

· Security

· Designing data forms

· Entering data

· Managing plan process

· Business rules

· Analysing planning data


· Product Orientation

· Navigating FDM

· Creating FDM applications

· Integrating applications

· Setting Up control tables and locations

· Setting Up mapping tables

· Building import Formats

· Loading data

· Building validation rules

· Setting Up validation entities

· Processing batch files


· SmartView Overview

· Advance smartView


· HFM Introduction

· Loading metadata from a file

· Configuring accounts and custom dimentions

· Setting Up entities, calendars and scenarios

· Loading data

· Creating tasklist and data forms

· Entering data using data grids

· Creating Member Lists in Financial Management

· Intercompany Transactions

· Adjusting Data with Journals

· Running Consolidations and process management

· Analyzing Data Using Smart View

· Rules


· Essbase overview

· Designing applications and databases

· Designing Data Descriptor Dimensions

· Optimizing Data Descriptor Dimensions

· Creating Basic Dimension Build Rules Files

· Creating Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files

· Loading Data

· Getting Started with Smart View

· Creating Reports with Smart View

· Data Storage and Calculation

· Creating Calculation Scripts

· Controlling the Calculation Process

· Copying and Clearing Data

· Referencing Members in Calculations

· Creating Attribute Dimensions

· Analyzing Varying Attributes

· Analyzing Text and Dates

· Partitioning Overview

· Creating Database Partitions

· Essbase Security Overview

· Creating Essbase Security Filters

· Securing the Essbase Environment in Shared Services

· Optimizing Block Storage Caches

· Managing Fragmentation

· Backing Up, Restoring, and Recovering Essbase Databases

· Task Automation