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IBM BPM Training makes you an expert using Embedded java script, Design BPD, Administration Advance Concepts, Create Simple loop in BPD, Web API, EPV’S, Performing Data handling, create dependent visibility controls and IBM BPM Project… etc.

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IBM BPM Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews,Assignments,Tests Will be provided

Business Process Manager Course Content

(we can customize the course Content as per your requirements)

Session 1:

➢ Introduction about IBM BPM

➢ History of IBM BPM

➢ Brief introduction in BPM Core Components & Life cycle

➢ Introduction on Process designer

➢ Explaining IBM Process Center Architecture

Session 2:

➢ Create a New Process App

➢ Creating a BPD and Configuration Setting

➢ Adding Lanes to the BPD

➢ Assigning Participants

➢ Adding activities

➢ Establishing process flow lanes

➢ How to Test BPD Through Process Designer and Process Portel

Session 3:

➢ List and identify the core elements that are used to create a business process

➢ definition in Process Designer

➢ How to add the User groups and Users and how to grant access Hands on session

➢ Explain the Process Package / Tool Kit Package

➢ Managing Snapshots and Workspaces

➢ Describe how to validate models using the Inspector view of the process Desginer

Session 4 : Message Start Event

➢ Creating UCA

➢ Start the process through UCA events

➢ creating General system service

➢ Scenario on UCA how to start the flow using UCA

Session 5 & 6:

➢ Explanation about Gateways

➢ Control the process flow using four gateways

➢ Scenario on 4 gateways a) Exclusive Gateway b) Parallel Gateway c) Inclusive Gate ways d) Event Gateways


➢ Creating Coach and Designing a Coach

➢ Different between Coach , Heritage Coach

➢ Creating Business Object, Complex Business object

Session 8 :

➢ Creating Manger and user in process portal

➢ Scenario: run the process application form process portals and different user and task assignment

➢ Creating System Task and different between system task and scriptlet

Session 9 : Integration Service

➢ Java Integration with one Scenario

Session 10

web service integration with soap Web Service Creation and import external webserver into process application with example

Session 11 web service integration with restful web service

➢ Working with Rest API, start the process application throw rest-API

➢ Test restful web service

Session 12 & 13: Database Integration

➢ Creating table in IBM DB2 and running the script in database

➢ Creating JNDI / Data source in Admin console

➢ CRUD application performed on database

Session 14:

➢ Create Ajax Service and Coach view

➢ Scenario on Ajax Service and Event Handler

Session 15:

➢ Creating Tracking Group, Timing interleave, Key performance indicator

➢ Scenario using Tracking group and timing intermediate events

Session 16:

➢ Working with Intermediate Events

Session 17

➢ Simulation Analysis Scenario

Session 18

➢ Creating custom Dashboard Performance indicator with examples

Session 19

➢ Creation of EPV variables and how to change EPV variable on run time examples

Session 20

➢ Business Rules scenario on rule set and rule group