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Informatica Training makes you expert in all the concepts regarding integration of heterogeneous data sources and converting the raw data into useful information. This tool provides a complete data integration solution and data management system.

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(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

Introduction to data warehousing

Characteristics of data warehouse

How to design a data warehouse

Top down and Bottom up approach

What is a data mart

ETL fundamentals

Data Acquisition, Data Merging, Data Cleansing, Data Scrubbing, Data Aggregation

Dimensional Modeling (Dimensions, Facts)

Star Schema

Snowflake Schema

Slowly Changing Dimensions

PowerCenter Components

PowerCenter Client Tools

PowerCenter Designer

Workflow Manager

Workflow Monitor

Repository Manager

Excercise1: Pass-through Mapping

Working with source analyzer

Working with target designer

Working with mapping designer

Working with task developer

Working with workflow designer

Creating Data Source Names

Creating Relational Connections

Types of transformations (Active, Passive)

Excercise2: Expression Transformation Usage

Excercise3: Aggregator Transformation Usage

Excercise4: Filter Transformation Usage

Excercise5: Router Transformation Usage

Excercise6: Sorter Transformation Usage

Excercise7: Rank Transformation Usage

Excercise8: Joiner Transformation Usage

Excercise9: Union Transformation Usage

Excercise10: Lookup Transformation Usage (Connected, Unconnected)

Excercise11: Stored procedure Transformation Usage (Connected, Unconnected)

Excercise12: Sequence generator Transformation Usage

Excercise13: Update Strategy Transformation Usage

Excercise14: Source Qualifier Transformation Usage

Excercise15: Transactional control Transformation usage

Real time Mappings

SCD type-I

SCD type-II

Working with flat files

How to create flat file as target

How to read flat file data

File list (Working With Multiple Files)

Transformation Developer

How to create a reusable transformation

How to use reusable transformation in a mapping

Advantages of reusable transformations

Mapplet Designer

How to create a mapplet (reusable business logic)

How to use a mapplet in a mapping

Advantages of mapplets


How to work with command task

How to work with email task

How to work with session task

How to work with decision task

How to work with link task

How to work with timer task

How to work with control task

How to work with event-wait task

How to create reusable tasks

How to create non-reusable tasks


How to create parallel workflows

How to create sequential workflows

How to schedule workflows


How to create a worklet

How to use a worklet in a workflow

Nesting of worklets

Types of caches

Data Cache

Index Cache

Static Cache

Persistent Cache

Dynamic Cache

Working with functions

Performance Tuning

How to tune source

How to tune target

How to tune transformations

How to tune session

How to tune workflow

Informatica Realtime Scenarios