Microsoft Azure Training will develop your skills that are required for your job and career. Azure is the cloud platform provided by Microsoft and after our Azure training, you will gain recognition for your skills covering the entire concepts of developing, architecting and administering Azure solutions..

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MS AZURE Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews, Assignments Will be given.

Microsoft Azure Course Content

(we can customize the course Outline as per your requirements)

1. Introduction to Azure :

1.1 Cloud Technology Overview

1.2 Microsoft Azure

1.3 Azure Portals

2. Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks :

2.1 Planning Virtual Networks

2.2 Administering Virtual Networks

2.3 Inter-Site Connectivity

3. Implement Virtual Machines :

3.1 Planning Virtual Machine Workloads

3.2 Using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for Azure

3.3 Creating Virtual Machines

4. Managing Virtual Machines :

4.1 Configuring Virtual Machines

4.2 Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines

5. Implementing Websites :

5.1 Planning for Website Deployment

5.2 Deploying Websites

5.3 Configuring Websites

5.4 Monitoring Websites and WebJobs

5.5 Traffic Manager

6. Planning and Implementing Storage :

6.1 Planning Storage

6.2 Implementing and Managing Storage

6.3 Backing up and Monitoring Storage

7. Implementing Cloud Services and Mobile Services :

7.1 Planning for Cloud Service Deployment

7.2 Deploying Packages

7.3 Configuring Cloud Services

7.4 Implementing Mobile Services

7.5 Monitoring and Diagnostics

8. Implementing Azure Active Directory :

8.1 Creating and Managing Azure Directories

8.2 Configuring Application Integration with Azure Active Directory

8.3 Overview of Azure Active Directory Premium

9. Managing DataBase :

9.1 Implimeting SQL database SQL Database

9.2 Associating Database to Storage. Microsoft Azure

9.3 SQL Virtual Machine Implimentaion ​