Mobile Applications Testing Online Training By IT Professionals

Mobile Applications Testing Training is designed to make you an expert in software testing of Mobile Applications developed on IOS, Andriod ..etc. Mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency.

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Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided


(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

  • Software Testing Concepts
  1. SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
  2. Software Development Models
  3. STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)
  4. Types of Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing - Overview
  1. Overview of Mobility Testing
  2. Mobile Application Development Process
  3. Introduction to various Mobile platforms
  4. Introduction to Various Apps, Mobile App, Web based App, Native App, Hybrid App.
  • Mobile App Testing - Strategy
  1. Device Emulator
  2. Mobile Cloud Computing (Remote Real Devices)
  3. Real Time Devices
  4. Automation Tools
  5. Emulators and its usage
  6. Installation and un- installation of Android Emulator.
  • Mobile App Testing - Approach
  1. Mobility Application – Test Approach/Phases
  2. Test Requirements
  3. Test Planning
  4. Test Environment setup
  5. Test Design
  6. Test Execution and Defect tracking
  7. Test Reports and Acceptance.
  • Mobile App Testing - Scope
  1. Unit testing
  2. Integration testing
  3. Functional testing
  4. Device conformance testing
  5. System testing
  6. Regression testing
  7. Mobile browser compatibility testing
  8. Performance testing
  • Mobile App Testing - Device Conformance
  1. Mobile App Device conformance Testing Types
  2. Installation testing/Un-Installation Testing
  3. Usability testing
  4. Interrupt Testing
  5. Performance Testing
  6. Memory Leakage Testing
  • Mobile App Testing - Usability Test Scenarios
  1. Authoring of Usability Test Scenarios for Mobile App
  2. Orientations
  3. Interface
  4. Navigation Policies
  5. Pop-up policies
  6. Icon policies
  7. Status screens, Zooming, Work Flows
  • Testing - Installation, Networking And Interrupt Test Scenarios
  1. Test Scenarios for Installation testing/Un-Installation
  2. Test Scenarios for Interrupt Testing.
  • Different Test Scenarios and Challenges