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Oracle Apex Training makes you an expert in building web based applications using SQL and PL/SQL. you will learn Building web applications, Enhance pages created by Application Express wizards, Understading the security implications of page design...etc.

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Oracle Apex Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided


(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

Introduction to Oracle Application Express

What is Oracle Application Express (oracle apex) ?

Oracle apex Architecture

Understanding Oracle apex Roles

Logging into Oracle apex

Apex Demo Application

Creating and logging onto apex workspace

Apex Installation and demonstration application

Running Apex demonstration application

Apex Application Builder Concepts

Page processing and Rendering in Apex

Apex Session Management

Substitution strings & URL syntax in Apex

Using SQL in Apex

Using Object Browser to view in Apex

Create, edit and drop database objects in Apex

Using SQL Commands to interact with database in Apex

Using SQL Scripts to create, edit, Delete and run SQL & PL/SQL scripts in Apex

Using Query Builder to build queries graphically

Building an Application in Oracle Apex

Creating an application from wizard

Creating an application From Scratch in Apex

Creating an application From Spreadsheet in Apex

Pages and Regions in Apex

What is a Page in APEX

Controls on an APEX Page

Different Sections of an APEX Page

Page Rendering

Apex Page Processing

Apex Shared Components

Attributes of an Apex Page

What is a Region

Different Attributes of an Apex Region

Creating Interactive Reports In Apex

Creating Interactive Reports in Apex

Interactive Apex Report Attributes

Interactive Report Column Attributes in Apex

Creating SQL Reports in Apex

Creating SQL Reports

Apex SQL Report Attributes

Apex SQL Report Column Attributes

Creating Forms In Apex

Creating Forms with Report in Apex

Creating Simple Forms in Apex

Creating Tabular Forms in Apex

Creating Master-Detail Forms in Apex

Creating Forms in Apex Using Wizards and

Manually Understanding Page Rendering & Page Processing Components Required for Form in Apex

Items and Buttons in Oracle Apex

Creating Different Types of Items in Apex (Text, Text Area, Checkbox, Select List, Radio Group etc.)

Creating Buttons in Apex

Understanding Buttons in Apex

Apex Navigation

Creating Tabs, Lists and Breadcrumbs in Apex

Apex Navigation Bar

List of Values

Shared Components in Oracle Apex

Understanding Different Attributes of Apex Shared Components

Using Shared Components in Apex Pages

Page Processing in Apex

Having a Thorough Understanding of Following Sections of Page Rendering & Processing

Computations in Apex

Validations in Apex

Processes and Branches in Apex

Themes and Templates in Apex

Understanding Themes in Apex

Switching Themes

Changing Theme Defaults

Understanding Templates and viewing template definitions specific to Apex

Oracle Apex Security

Managing Application Security in APEX

Understanding Different Authentication Options in APEX

Creating a Custom Authentication

Switching from One Authentication Method to Another

Understanding Authorization in APEX

Creating Authorization Schemes

Attaching Authorization Schemes to Pages, Regions, Tabs etc. in APEX

Packaging and Deploying Application

Understanding Different Deployment Options in APEX

Understanding the Packaging & Deployment Process

Packaging Application with Supporting Objects in APEX

Deploying Application from One Environment to Another

Assignments and Interview Questions