PeopleSoft HRMS Functional Online Training, Support By Corporate IT Faculty

Experience the Real time implementation of PeopleSoft HRMS Functional projects by exploring the requirement for gathering fit/gap analysis, core table setup and testing in support of PeopleSoft modules. The HRMS technical team is responsible for the development, customization, and maintenance of the HRMS application.

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PeopleSoft HRMS Functional Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided


(the course outline can be modified as per your requirements):

Chapter 1: Introduction to People Soft

· Objective and HR Functionality

· History of the People soft

· HCM Process flow and integrations

· Basic Key Terms and definitions

· Recall Session

(Introduction, Users, Effective Date, Effective Sequence, Rows, Action Buttons, Employee Type & Pay Frequency)

Chapter 2: Employee Self Service Module

· Personal Information Update/Modify/Delete

(1.1 Email Update, 1.2 Phone Update 1.3 Blood Groups, 1.4 Dependent Info 1.5 Language & Passport Detail Etc)

· Learning Development

· Performance Management

· Compensation – Bank info update

· Benefits

· Recall Session

Chapter 3: Manager Self Service Module

· Associate Job &Personal Information

(1.View Employee Personal Info 2.Request/Approve Reporting Change 3.View Reporting change Status 4.Transfer Employee

5. Approve Transfer Employee 6. View Transfer Status 7.Promote Employee 8.Approve Promotion)

· Learning Development

(1.Training Summary 2. Request Training Enrollment 3.Approve Training Request 4.View Training Request Status 5.Approve Competency)

· Performance Management

(1.Performance Document - Create/Current /History/Admin task 2.Admin Task -Transfer/Delete/Cancel document 3.Approve Document 4.View Approval Status 5.Maintain Performance Notes)

· Recall Session

Chapter 4: Core HR Module

· Terminology

(1. Business Unit 2. Set ID 3.Company Table 4.Establishment Table 5.Location Table 6.Department Table)

· Foundation & Transaction Table

(1.Foundation - Eg: Job code, Department, Location 2. Transaction - Eg: Personal Data, Job Data)

· Prompt Table & Translate Values

(1. Prompt - Eg: Department, Job code 2. Translate Values - Eg: Job data)

· Compensation Table

(1. Salary Plan/Grade/Step 2.Comp Rate Codes)

· JOB Table

(1.Job Code 2.Job Family 3. Job Profile 4. Job Function)

· Recall Session

Chapter 5: Position Management Module

· Create / Copy and View the Position

· View Position Data Summary

· View Position Vacant Budget

· Hiring a person to Position

· Recall Session

Chapter 6: Administer Workforce Management

· HR Transactions from Hire to Exit

(1. Hire/Transfer/Promotion/ Termination etc

2. Global Assignment)

· Separations (Or) Self Service Transactions

(1.To Approve/Deny Name Change request & Marital Status

2. To Approve/Deny Resignation

3. To Transfer Performance Document

4. Exit Interview)

· Associate Personal/Job Info

(1.Modify a Person

2. Person Organizational Summary

3. Additional Names

4. Person Checklist

5. To View Employee Provident Fund Number

6. To View Employee Job Summary)

· Recall Session

Chapter 7: E-Performance Management Module

· Performance Doc Creation by Employee

· Performance Doc Creation by Manager

· Performance Evaluation by Employee

· Performance Evaluation by Manager

· HR Performance document Creation

· HR Performance Admin Task and Others

(1.Performance Document - Create/Current /History/Admin stack 2.Admin Task -Transfer/Delete/Cancel document 3.Approve Document 4.View Approval Status 5.Maintain Performance Notes)

· Recall Session

Chapter 8: Enterprise Absence Management

· Employee Apply/Cancel/Comp Off Leave

· Manager Apply /Cancel / Comp Off Leave/ Leave Balance

· HR Leave Management

· Time Sheet Submission

· Recall Session

Unit 9 : Base Benefits Module

· Overview of Base Benefits

· Base benefits Versus Benefits Administration

· Plan Type and Benefit Plans

· Benefit Program

· Employee Benefits data

· Assigning Employee Benefits

· Review Employee Benefits

· Dependent Beneficiary benefits data

· Recall Session

Unit 10: PeopleSoft Security

· User Profiles

· Permission lists

· User Roles

· Recall Session

PS HCM Tester Role Practice

· Functional Practice – Written Test

· Interview Mockup – Practice

· Assignment Submission