Perl Scripting Certification Level Online Training By Realtime Experts

PERL Scripting Training makes you Learn Practical Extraction and Report Language Scripting on a various of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and the various versions of UNIX. Expertise in Writing Perl scripts, Using variables, arrays, functions, hashes and scalars to create robust Perl programs, Manipulating & Debugging, accessing a Relational Database., etc.

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Perl Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided


(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

Overview of Perl

o What is Perl?

o Running Perl Programs

o Sample Program

o Another Sample Program

o Yet Another Example

Perl Variables

o Three Data Types

o Variable Names and Syntax

o Variable Naming

o Lists

o Scalar and List Contexts

o The Repetition Operator

Arrays and Hashes

o Arrays

o Array Functions

o The foreach Loop

o The @ARGV Array

o The grep Function

o Array Slices

o Hashes

o Hash Functions

o Scalar and List Contexts Revisited

Quoting and Interpolation

o String Literals

o Interpolation

o Array Substitution and Join

o Backslashes and Single Quotes

o Quotation Operators

o Command Substitution

o Here Documents


o Perl Operators

o Operators, Functions and Precedence

o File Test Operators

o Assignment Operator Notations

o The Range Operator

Flow Control

o Simple Statements

o Simple Statement Modifiers

o Compound Statements

o The next, last, and redo Statements

o The for Loop

o The foreach Loop

I/O: Input Operations and File I/O

o Overview of File I/O

o The open Function

o The Input Operator < >

o Default Input Operator

o The print Function

o Reading Directories

Regular Expressions

o Pattern Matching Overview

o The Substitution Operator

o Regular Expressions

o Special Characters

o Quantifiers (*, +, ?, {})

o Assertions (^, $, \b, \B)

Advanced Regular Expressions

o Substrings

o Substrings in List Context

o RE Special Variables

o RE Options

o Multi-line REs

o Substituting with an Expression

o Perl RE Extensions


o Overview of Subroutines

o Passing Arguments

o Private Variables

o Returning Values


o References

o Creating References

o Using References

o Passing References as Arguments to Subroutines

o Anonymous Composers

o The Symbol Table

Complex Data Structures

o Two-dimensional Arrays in Perl

o Anonymous Arrays and Anonymous Hashes

o Arrays of Arrays

o Arrays of References

o A Hash of Arrays

o A Hash of Hashes

o And So On...

Packages and Modules

o Packages

o BEGIN and END Routines

o require vs. use

o Modules

o The bless Function