PMP Training is structured to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills required to clear the PMP certification exam. It covers Project Management Framework, Integration, Scope, Time, Quality, Cost, Human Resource, Risk, Communication, Procurement and Stakeholder concepts. This course is also designed to teach you the full scope of project management processes, The Key terms in Project Scope Management, Project Life Cycle vs. Product Life Cycle, Schedule Network Analysis Techniques, Difference Between Cost Estimating and Cost Budgeting.

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(the course curriculum can be modified as per your requirements):

Introduction to PMP Certification:

• Projects & importance of Project Management

• Relationship of Project, Program, Portfolio & Operations Management

• Key components - Project and Development Lifecycles, Project Phase & Phase Gate, Project Management Processes, Process Groups, Project Management Data & Information

• Tailoring

• Project Management Business Documents - Project Business Case, Project Benefits Management Plan, Project Charter & Project Management Plan, Project Success Measures

The Project Environment:

• Organizational influences

• Organizational systems

• Project management office

Role Of Project Manager:

Project Manager's Sphere of Influence

Project Manager's Competencies

Integration by the Project Manager

Project Integration Management:

• Overview of Project Integration Management

• Develop Project Charter

• Develop Project Management Plan

• Direct and Manage Project Work

• Manage Project Knowledge

• Monitor and Control Project Work

• Perform Integrated Change Control

• Close Project or Phase

Project Scope Management:

• Plan Scope Management

• Collect Requirements

• Define Scope

• Create Work Breakdown Structure

• Validate Scope

• Control Scope

Project Schedule Management:

• Plan Schedule Management

• Define Activities

• Sequence Activities

• Estimate Activity Durations

• Develop Schedule

• Control Schedule

Project Cost Management:

• Plan Cost Management

• Estimate Costs

• Determine Budget

• Control Costs

Project Quality Management:

• Plan Quality Management

• Manage Quality

• Control Quality

Project Resource Management:

• Plan Resource Management

• Estimate Activity Resources

• Acquire Resources

• Develop Team

• Manage Team

• Control Resources

Project Communication Management:

• Plan Communications Management

• Manage Communications

• Monitor Communications

Project Risk Management:

• Plan Risk Management

• Identify Risks

• Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

• Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

• Plan Risk Responses

• Implement Risk Responses

• Monitor Risks

Project Procurement Management:

• Plan Procurement Management

• Conduct Procurements

• Control Procurements

Project Stakeholder Management:

• Identify Stakeholders

• Plan Stakeholder Engagement

• Manage Stakeholder Engagement

• Monitor Stakeholder Engagement