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React.js Training makes you learn, a front-end JavaScript Library builds usable and highly interactive UI components and mobile applications. React is modular, maintainable, flexible and scalable.

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React.Js Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided


(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

  • Introduction, Tooling and Editor Setup
  • Thinking and Understanding React Components
  • Creating our First Components
  • Writing HTML with JSX
  • Loading CSS into our React Application
  • Creating our application layout with components
  • Passing Dynamic data with props
  • Stateless Functional Components
  • Routing with React Router
  • Helper and Utility Functions
  • Working with React Events
  • All About React Router
  • Understanding State
  • Loading data into state onClick
  • Displaying State with JSX
  • Updating Order State
  • Displaying Order State with JSX
  • Persisting our State with Firebase
  • Persisting Order State with localstorage
  • Bi-directional Data Flow and Live State Editing
  • Removing Items from State
  • Animating React Components
  • Component Validation with PropTypes
  • Authentication
  • Building React for Production
  • Deploying to GitHub Pages
  • Deploying to an Apache Server
  • Future React Today - Property Initializers and getting rid of .bind()
  • Ejecting from create-react-app