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Apache Scala Training, expertise you in Scala Essentials, how to build microservices with scala, creating scala constructs in application code, Approach to Big Data Problems using Apache Scala, it is a functional programming language for software applications, Creating Traits Basic OOPS – Class and Object Basics, Scala essentials like operators, If statements, while loops…etc.

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(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):

1. About Scala

a. Introduction

b. In the Enterprise

2. Scala Community

3. Mailing Lists

a. scala

b. scala-announce

c. scala-user

d. scala-debate

e. scala-tools

f. scala-internals

g. scala-xml

h. scala-sips

i. IRC Channel

j. Blogs & News

k. Sygneca Wiki

l. Scala Jira

4. Language Research

a. Grants

b. Papers

c. Talks

d. Theses

e. Courses

f. Presentations

5. In the Press

a. Articles

b. Interviews and Panel Talks

c. News Archive

d. The Scala Team

e. Scala's Prehistory

f. Contact Us

6. Documentation

a. Learning Scala

b. Tour of Scala

7. Manuals

a. A Brief Scala Tutorial

b. Scala by Example

c. Scala Overview

d. Scala Language Specification

e. Scala Improvement Process

f. Translations

g. Scaladoc 2 Manual

h. Books

8. Scala API

a. scaladoc (stable)

b. scaladoc (nightly)

c. compiler API (nightly)

d. Download locally

9. Setup & Getting Started

a. Getting Started with Scala

b. Java to Scala

c. Windows Mini-Guide

d. Setting PATH on Windows

e. fsc and the OSX firewall

10. Programming Guides

a. Scala Actors

b. Scala on Android

c. Scala on Microsoft .NET

d. Scala on Google App Engine

11. Other Guides

a. Maven for Beginners

b. Scala and JUnit on Eclipse

c. Scala, Emacs and Yasnippet

d. FAQs

12. Code Examples

a. Hello world!

b. Simple Snippets

c. Advanced Examples

13. Software

14. Download Scala

a. Latest Stable Release

b. Previous Releases

c. Nightly Builds

d. Git Repository

e. Distribution Content

15. IDE and Editor plugins

a. IDE Plugins

b. Tool Support

16. Libraries and Tools

a. Libraries

b. Development Tools

c. Program Testing

d. Other Scala-Related

e. Scala License

17. Scala Developers

18. Developer's Guides

a. Build Scala from the Source

b. Writing Compiler Plugins

c. Scala Ant Tasks

d. Compiler Internals

e. Improvement Documents

19. Bug Tracking & Testing

a. Scala Bugtracker

b. Scala Jenkins

c. Code Review

20. Codebase Progress

a. Language Changes

b. Download Stats

c. Maintainers

d. Contributor Agreement